I'm not clever... (pnkpixie) wrote in thequestionclub,
I'm not clever...

Apartment Question

So I signed the lease for my apartment beginning on May 15th.
There were a lot of repairs to do before the move in, but not all were completed before the 15th. We (my roommates and I) had made an addendum to our lease stating that the majority of the repairs needed to be completed before the 15th. (stupid, I know) The repairs were finally completed May 26th, but there was still a lot of stuff from the previous tenant and the apartment was filthy. Not dirty, not dusty, but filthy. Like old rotting food, dirt, dust, mud...It was gross. So I asked the landlord to get someone in there to clean it. Someone came by June 8th. It is now..June 10th, and I have yet to spend a night in that apartment. I am going tonight to spend my first night there.

So my question would be, how do I ask my landlord for some money back without sounding like a jackass? I know my rights as a tenant, and I know I deserve some of that money back, but I dont know how to say so without sounding like a jackass.

Help, please.

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