eyecandyrandy (eyecandyrandy) wrote in thequestionclub,

ello TQC,

bit of a backstory here, i made out with this guy about 2 weeks ago  but we were quite drunk at the time, however since then we've been texting each other constantly, we've known each other for about 5 years so we know each other very well.

Last night we went out on our first proper date, coffee, bit of shopping, the normal stuff and at the end of the evening I just hugged him because I didn't want to make the make a move because I'm a chicken shit. He seemed offish and offended and just went, "Oh see you later then" so I text him after saying, "What did you mean by that?" and he text back saying "Was only joking. Did you get home okay then?" to which I replied...

"Oh, okay, well I didn't want you to think I'm giving you mixed signals 'cause I'm not :] yeah got home fine thanks, you?"

aaand he hasn't replied?! 
Do you think he took it the wrong way? As in he thought I wasn't sending him any signals?!
Should I text him again? What should I say?


srs and non-srs answers are appreciated :D 
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