Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

I work at Mcdonalds. This mcdonalds does a really cool thing where when you clock out, it gives you a slip showing when you worked, to the minute. (I think this is cool becuase my other mcdonalds would tamper with your hours if you came back from break too soon or clocked in early or something.)
So, today, I got my first paycheck, cashed it on the way home, and reconciled the hours on the stub from the hours on my slips.
It's exact, except: The first few days I worked, I had no number(how we clock in and out), and I was told to just let the office know my hours and they'd take care of it. The only record I have of these days is what I wrote on my calendar. I doubt that the "yellow sheets"- the page a manager writes down who they have working that day, whether they took their break yet, the hours, and where thay've put them- are kept nearly that long. I'm missing the 18th and the 19th, which would give me another 14 hours. one of these days is marked 11-37 because i marked on my calendar when I got home that they had gotten me to stay late.

Who do I talk to about this? the store manager? Should I bring my calendar in so he can see? What about the marked out day?

What do you do when you throw up somewhere semipublic? like, in a city park, or a walmart parking lot?
Today I guess I ate my ramen too fast or something, because when I went to work I felt really sick standing by the bus stop... and threw up next to the bus stop. Next to the bus stop happened to be a church's front lawn. It wasn't alot, you couldn't see it, no big deal, but it got me thinking.
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