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I'm curious as to what people's degrees of dating are. I'm starting to think my ideas are very, very wrong:

1.) What do you consider a "serious" relationship? Engaged? Moving in? Being only with that person as far as dating and sex?

To me, "serious" is when a couple have decided to move in, or have established that there is mutual, deep feelings between them.

2.) What are the qualifications to call someone your "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"? At what point in a relationship do YOU consider that person to be a boyfriend/girlfriend?

My qualifications are if someone is show you attention and is only focusing on YOU. There is no sleeping/dating other people, and at that point, it's boyfriend/girlfriend". Of course, if both parties agree it's NOT, that's fine.

3.) What's a "fuckbuddy"? If you continue to have sex with the same person but aren't their boyfriend/girlfriend?

To me, a fuck buddy is someone you have sex with on a regular basis, but are not dating/in a relationship with. If you're not #2 or #4, you're a fuck buddy.

4.) Can you be someone's "boyfriend/girlfriend" (not dating others) in a fun, spontanious relationship, with sex, that has no expectations for what will happen in the future and just take it day by day? Or is that too little comittment to be boyfriend/girlfriend? Too much comittment to be casual?

Yes. I think this is a perfect relationship for two people that aren't "serious" (don't want to move in together and don't have deep feelings for each other. I don't think the fact that you have no plans to go serious mean you're not boyfriend/girlfriend.

5.) What's being "crazy" about someone? What's the difference between being "crazy" about someone and being "in love" with them?

Thinking about them a lot, wanting to be with them a lot, finding that person to be awesome. That's what "crazy" is to me. You can be crazy about a guy and not be in love with him, you just think a lot of him and like the person he is.

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