June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

am i right or am i wrong?

TQC, will you help me with a disagreement my boyfriend and I are having?

ETA: My boyfriend is contesting the picture that I posted, so I changed it with a picture of my actual checkbook. This is the exact one I have.

He says that this is a checkbook:

And both of these are wallets:

I disagree. I agree that the first is a checkbook, or a book of checks, but that the second picture is also called a checkbook, and the last one is a wallet. He says that I am wrong and that I am weird for calling it that, and that "98% of people" would say that the second picture is a wallet.

This came about because I have a checkbook (the second picture) and was calling it that, and he was making fun of me because he says I should be calling it a wallet.

TQC, what do you think? Am I an idiot?

ETA again: We decided on a compromise. It can be called either a wallet or a checkbook. It is just as much a wallet as it is a checkbook because it has a place for a license and credit cards, but it was also specifically built to hold checks, otherwise it would fold like a normal wallet.
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