They call me 'quiet', but I'm a riot. (starsareshibby) wrote in thequestionclub,
They call me 'quiet', but I'm a riot.

  1. My mom’s house is being foreclosed. She is going to live with her mean sister, but I’m not invited to come with her. My current job does not pay enough for me to rent my own place, and no one in my family is able to take me in. My boyfriend has invited me to come live with his family (in another state) until we go off to college next year. I want to say yes since it seems to be my only option, but there are a few issues on my mind. First of all, his parent’s place is very tiny. So tiny that there is just one bedroom (which belongs to him) and his parents sleep in the living room. I just feel like I would be imposing on their space majorly. Secondly, they don’t speak English at all. Will this be awkward? It looks like I have to go along with it, but I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do to ease the pain I’ll be bestowing upon them.. Or if there are other options? I just don’t want to be a burden!

Another issue is that his old friends live in that neighborhood, and some of them pretty much hate me because they want him to go to an in-state college with them instead of the out- of- state college I’m going to, which he wants to attend with me. I don’t really care if they hate me, but I’m guessing it will add to the awkwardness.  

One more thing-- I’m not sure if his parents are actually even okay with the idea of me moving in for a few months. Since they don’t speak English, I only have my boyfriend’s word to go off of, which isn’t the best thing in the world. I really have no other place to go, though. My parents did take my boyfriend in for a while when his parents were going through financial difficulties, though. But our house is really big..

  1. When you get one of those error messages when a program closes on your computer, do you send the error report? I always hit “DON’T SEND”.
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