Avery W. Krouse (averypenguin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Avery W. Krouse

Another One For Ya

Hey, how about this one:

A few of my friends and I are working on a project (the aformentioned Two Moons Academy thing I mentioned a few days ago). My question is this:

Art created for the project now may be going on the artist's website, where she sells prints of her art and such. If she offered the art for purchase-able prints now, then later we published the project with some of the art inside, would we run into any issues? Copyright, ownership, etc?

I mean, will there be an issue when the art is in a book and someone goes "Hey, I have a print of that!" Is it just based on the permissions the artist gives? Like a famous work of art being in a book, they just credit (and probably pay) the artist, even though that work of art can probably be purchased as a print in and of itself.
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