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best find?

What's the best thing you ever found used, either at Goodwill or other such place, or a garage/yard/estate sale, or other such thing?

upside-down spine upside-down spine

Mark (my friend) asked why it was like that. I told him all French paperbacks are like that. He says the French are crazy. He's crazy...
In English... In English...

"Everything you always wanted to know about sex...but were afraid to ask."

(for those of you not hip to retro things.)
what a trip! what a trip!

Now THAT'S a find...combines my love of sex and my love of French! Right up my alley.
blurry back blurry back

There was an ATM reciept in it from 1992, from the Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta. Interesting...

It's great because I love sex (the act and studying it, from a physical and psychological point of view), and I'm trying to become fluent in French.

Oh, and what is your favorite game on The Price Is Right? I think I like the yodeling mountain climber one best.
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