Avery W. Krouse (averypenguin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Avery W. Krouse

Update to a Previous Question + New Ones

Hello there. Well, here's my update to my previous item concerning the incredible girl at the frame shop.

So I head up to Frameworks and as I pull up, I see Kristen (a lovely name) standing out front ... on a cigarette break.

Ouch. See, I will not under any circumstances date a smoker. It just isn't happening. They would have to quit smoking entirely and practically immediately. Why? I'm an orphan because of the filthy habit. Both my parents died from smoking-induced cancers (mom at my age 11, dad at 15). I'm never, ever going through that again with a loved one. Ever.

But, putting that aside, I went inside, we had a great two hour long conversation. Turns out, she was dating, but she broke up with her boyfriend of four months because he lost the feeling for her. Of course, this gentleman was apparently a god sent to earth for her delight, and no one else will ever compare. Thusly, she has sworn off dating for the time being. However, I did tell her, during the course of the conversation, how beautiful and sweet I thought she was,and my earlier plan for asking her out to dessert. Well, obviously that was a no, but to me, it was a great accomplishment to be able to say such things to a practical stranger, in spite of her intimidating beauty. So, nothing lost, much gained. And hey, I have a new friend, hehe.

So for the questions:

1. Have you any slightly off-the-wall hobbies?
2. Anybody ever driven cross-country? What route did you take? Starting and ending points? Interesting stops along the way? (See the answers to my questions for additional questions about this. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.)
3. Which author holds the reigning spot on your bookshelf, numerically speaking?

1. I collect caricatures from amusement parks of me as one of each of the eleven Dungeons and Dragons character classes. I so far have Barbarian (Six Flags over Georgia, Summer 05), Paladin (Six Flags Over Texas, Winter 04), Fighter (Kings Island, Summer 03), Sorcerer (Sea World, Winter 01). My goal is to get all even without repeating an amusement park, even if it is a different caricature artist.
2. I've driven from Knoxville, TN to Abilene, TX, the fartherest I've ever driven. So I guess I drove half-country. I ask because I'd like to take I-40 from Knoxville to LA. It'd be 35 hours of drive time each way, but I figure, four people splitting gas costs and room rates (unless we sleep in the car in shifts or whatever), it shouldn't cost too awful much. I'd pass Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Fort Smith, Oklahoma City, and others. Anything I oughta see or do if I do this? Tips for success (such as not driving through the Mohave Desert during the middle of the day in August)?
3. Piers Anthony. 29 books, all the Xanth series. Second place is probably Uncle John's Bathroom Readers, five or so, hehe.
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