ellyodd (ellyodd) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bullies suck, the end.

Let's say you have this company with 6 people in upper management. 25 of their employees want to give them each a personal gift for Christmas, homebaked cookies or whatever. But one of those 6 people is kind of a dick, especially to the woman who is arranging the gifts. She wants to ignore him and not give him anything. As a passive aggressive way to show him she didn't aprreciate what he did to her. But that leaves the rest of us fucked. We're not personally involved, but because she's arranging everything, we just have to follow, and be sort of her personal group of bullies. Or do we have to follow? She doesn't want anything to do with the guy, so it's out of the question to get someone else to get him a gift. She would never say yes.

If you say yes to ignoring him, you're a bully.

If you say no to participating because it's bullying, you're one in 25 not sucking up to your bosses. And you can't tell them why.

What would you do?

I should mention, it's ONE gift per person they get. Not 25 gifts for each person in upper management. That's why it's a big deal if one doesn't get anything from us.
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