Without music life would be an error. (conquerre) wrote in thequestionclub,
Without music life would be an error.

Two Questions...

For those of you who own homes and use a landscaping/yard cleaning/lawn mowing/whatever company. How much do you pay and for what services?

My boyfriend pays this high school kid in his (old) neighborhood for landscaping, to take care of his yard while he tries to sell his house (we are out of state). The kid mows the lawn once a week, trims the shrubs once a week, on this half acre property. The normal amount he gets paid is $125 per month (so about $31 every week). My boyfriend just got this bill of $475 for last months work. So it's $350 in "Fall clean up" services which is leaf rake and pick up, gutters cleaned, and who else knows. We know the kid does it on a regular basis (the other neighbors and his realtor confirm this) and that he does a good job. However, I am thinking that my boyfriend is getting majorly ripped off. He likes this kid and therefore doesn't want to "let him go" but I'm wondering if he is indeed getting ripped off?

Is there a Blackberry application for livejournal?
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