Viking (neverconcede) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ohay TQC. Its NeverConcede, your resident crazy cat lady!

Question: Do you think me requesting that my mom let me adopt an abandon elderly kitty from down the street is a reasonable request for my christmas present? As in, I'll pay for the shots and whatnot. All I want is her permission to do so.

Back story: My shithead neighbors(really, they're terrible people) decided they were fed up with middle class life and moved off to be with the rich folks. They've had a little tiny calico for years as an outside cat. My mom and I have always admired her. Very sweet, very cute, very tiny. Shes gotten pretty old. They ABANDONED her when they moved. They haven't been gone that long(~1 month) but I can tell the current home owners aren't feeding her with any sort of frequency if at all and its getting pretty cold. We've both been feeding her. Theres been an wave of tomcats in the neighborhood so I'm worried for her safety in that respect too. We currently have one backyard cat(he hates our younger cat and would rather stay there), one fat 2 year old tabby and two super super super old could-die-any-day-now poodles. My other cat died recently. I'll be moving out within the next year or two and taking all applicable animals with me, aside from one poodle which is hers and MAYBE backyard cat as hes slightly more hers than mine and hates my official cat.

I'd hate for her to end her old age so miserably. =(
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