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Dinner Time!

Hurrah summer is now here! As a student it's a chance to earn some extra cash for those long months when I'm back at uni. My current job have given me lots of extra hours.

Only one snag. My hours are from mid afternoon to roughly 9-10pm at night. This means I'm there for my dinner. My workplace doesn't have a canteen so you either have to bring your own food or pig out on sweets from the vending machines.

My question is what type of meals could you recommend that are not microwave meals and are reasonably healthy? I'm trying to loose weight as well this summer so microwave meals are not the best idea. I've been working extra hours for a week and have had two microwave meals already - meh. We have a fridge and a microwave so I can heat up stuff but my break is only 30 minutes.

Thanks in advance!
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