crystal cankersore (limers) wrote in thequestionclub,
crystal cankersore

Geek Time

So I'm out of school for the month (yay!) and I just bought myself a very, very nice gaming computer as a present.
Since it's a gaming computer I am compiling a list of possible games to buy since I haven't been able to game for a very long time. Mostly, I'm looking for awesome RPGs because I'm a loser like that.

So, TQC, what are some good, new-ish RPGs that have come out? Er, not online ones or anything like that. I used to play a lot of Neverwinter Nights, so something along those lines, but any suggestions are fine.

What about games in general? The first thing I got was Left 4 Dead...I'm having SO much fun, and yet, so many nightmares for some reason... ;)
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