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Look at me, asking questions 2 days in a row!

  1. What are some good songs to put on a playlist for when I am feeling horribly sick? Right now all I can think up is "Get Me Away from Here I'm Dying," by Belle & Sebastian... and I need more tunes for my head to throb to. Summer colds are just the worst.
  2. Are there any lj communities out there for this sort of thing? Suggesting songs for playlists/mixes or helping other people make fun mixes in genera? Not like a ratings community of how great a playlist you can make, yechh, but just people recommending music to each other around a theme. :)
  3. If not, should I make one?

And for those of you who were curious, but not curious enough to go back to my old post, the end to the swimsuit saga lies here.
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