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Backstory: I work for a well known cinema chain, which has a "premium cinema" section. This is sort of like a bar/restaurant/cinema in one, and since people pay over double the price of a regular ticket to go there, they expect exceptional service. There are about 10 people who work there, myself included, compared to the 50-something people who work at other parts of the cinema such as the box office and candy bar.

At work, we regularly get tips* from the patrons we serve. The 10 of us who work in this area save these tips, then divide them up between us every six months or so (usually we all go out together and have a fun night out). However, tonight one of my managers took all the tips we have received since June (about $800) and told us it will go towards paying for the Christmas party the entire cinema staff is having next week. We objected, saying it was our money, but he replied "it is technically the property of [insert cinemas name here]". I don't see how this is fair at all.
Is he right? Are they allowed to take our tips? Has anyone else had a similar experience to this?

*I'm from Australia, so the tipping system here is quite different (from what I gather) than Americas. Basically, tips are not required or expected, but are given if the patron feels the service is good.
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