amaiakuyume (amaia) wrote in thequestionclub,

Visiting Japan

I'm planning a holiday to Japan in late Jan/ early Feb.  Anyway, here in Australia, there's a low-cost airline called Jetstar that earned a reputation for being pretty crappy and cancelling flights a lot when it first started up about two years ago.  However, if I fly with them, I can save $600 off the next cheapest airfare.  Does anyone know if their suckitude has lessened?  Has anyone here flown with them recently?  Is my peace of mind worth the extra $600?

For anyone who's visited Japan, what should I do in the Kansai area?  I want to see Osaka and possibly Kobe for the first time and Kyoto for a second, but I'm not sure exactly what to do there.

For anyone who's never been/going to Japan, what are your best/ worst airline experiences?  What should you not forget to bring/do under any circumstances when travelling overseas?
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