Blue Eyed Devil (uberfenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blue Eyed Devil

my cats have gone mad. they keep running about really fast, and leaping about all over the furniture (and me) and pulling up the rug. they are normally NEVER like this. occasionally they get a little burst of madness for 5 minutes every couple of months but this has been going on daily for a couple of weeks. they also keep leaping on each other and trying to eat each other. they normally sleep together but i had to put them in seperate rooms last night coz i was slightly concerned id wake up to mauled cats, or one stuck on the ceiling light, after climbing the walls, and the other stuck up the chimney after flying up it like a rocket.

have they been drugged and are hallucinating or is it just because its cold out and they dont like it so are staying in and getting bored?
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