mekki (mekkio) wrote in thequestionclub,

feck it, let's go deep...or not

Poet, writer and art critic, Guillaume Apollinaire, once said, "Artists are, above all, men who want to become inhuman."

What do you think he meant by that? And do you agree?

From what I gather, I think he meant that as a man, one is by all accounts, mortal. We are born, grow and die. And that's it. Artists, on the other hand, have this need to create things that will live on beyond their short life span. A novel that will out live them. A music piece that people will remember centuries after the composer's death. And so on and so forth. In short, by wanting this immortality through their craft, artists want to be inhuman, that is, immortal.

Could this be the reason or am I completely off the intended path?

OR If you don't want to answer that one...

Have you eaten The KFC Fully Loaded Meal?

Does it have as much food as suggested in the commercial?

If so, how can that obscene amount food be for one person in one sitting? Could you eat all of that food in one go?

And is it me or is KFC purposely targeting The Fully Loaded Meal to stoners?
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