J. (socraticomatic) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC, two questions:

1) It's my birthday! It has been a bit "ehh" so far. Will you wish me happy birthday? Thankyou!

2) I'm going to dinner to celebrate tomorrow, and I'm going to bake a cake tonight to take with me to the restaurant (they won't mind). I don't know what sort of cake, though. It's a vegetarian Indian place - what might go well with that? I don't need specific recipes, just ideas. A lot of us are vegans, but most types of cake can be made vegan fairly easily, so that shouldn't matter too much.

tl;dr: What sort of birthday cake should I make, for after Indian?

Edit: LOL, I didn't realise opheliaheart had asked a cake question a few posts ago! haha.
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