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Sp0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oky! ~or~ Q's about the Paranormal

I'm very interested in paranormal stuff and I've had a few encounters as well. I've read being a Pisces tends to make me more sensitive to this sort of thing, but I think my heritage and open-mindedness never hurt. So a post over in hip_domestics inspired me to ask some things here!

Do you believe in ghosts? Ever have an experiance (if yes, care to share)?

Do you believe in other phenomina (ie - aliens/mystical creatures/polterguists/etc)? Ever have an experiance (if yes, care to share)?

Do you believe in communication with the dead (ie - ouija boards/mediums/etc)? Ever have an experiance (if yes, care to share)?

Anything else you want to throw in that's in this same vein?

I certainly believe in ghosts, although the ones I've been around were never anyone I knew (like my grandfather or friend). When I was eight, my mother had a friend named Teresa and Teresa and her family lived in this house across from a Christian school. One time we went to visit and I was tired. My mom told me to go lay in Mick's (Teresa's son) bottom bunk since he was asleep in the top one. I had never experianced anything there personaly, I just had gotten weird feelings while visiting. I ended up fallig asleep from being so tired and got really upset and yelled at my mother 'why did you let me fall asleep in this house?!' Teresa asked my mom did I know and my mother said no and they dropped it, never hinting further what they meant. Later I went to get help from Mick for my science fair project and I was sitting in the dining room and I said, out of nowhere, 'this house is haunted.' Teresa told me they'd had a priest come and bless/exorcise the house and that it was safe now. I replied, 'you've only made it angrier.' That night, Teresa and her husband Tommy were sleeping in their bed in the middle of GA summer and the temperature starting dropping. This was really weird because they didn't have central A/C and it was always warm in their house even with the window units on. It dropped to the point of them being able to see their breath in the air and shaking from cold under every blanket they owned. The other parts of the house were normal. Another time Teresa was in the shower and the curtain wrapped around her. At first she thought Tommy was being silly but it got really tight and she realized no one was in there. Also, in the steam on the mirrors she saw (on the long mirror on the back of the door) baby feet prints walk up and (in the mirror over the sink) the face of an Indian in full ceremonial head dress. Their bedroom was an addition to the original part of the house, which is why I think it was mostly there and not in other parts. Later in life I met a girl who'd gone to the school across the street her whole life and she told me how everyone knew the house was evil/haunted. That's the most personal thing to me that's happened, although I usually know when ghosts are around and my husband felt a weight on top of him in our honey moon suite in New Orleans and also saw what he thinks was La Fette standing in the same room at the foot of our bed.

Once in our old house, I heard something bang loudly into our washer/dryer which was in the basement on the other end of the house. When we went down there (expecting possibly an intruder), there was nothing but our washer had been moved. My room mate said she thought it was dragon's playing (like totem spirit things) or a troll, this is why I put it under weird creature/polterguist. Also, around the same time I started having bad nightmares that wouldn't go away until we smudged the house. Also, around the when I was eight (it was a weird year) people in my town started seeing what was dubbed Lizard Man. He was spotted near the Savannah River at the Augusta/North Augusta GA/SC border several times over the whole summer. Apparently he was a reptillian humanoid. I never saw him, but a guy in my neighborhood said he did and he wasn't a known prankster.

Once right after my grandfather died, I had a dream where he talked to me. I think it might have been him because it was really clear and realistic. Also, I personally have asked ghosts not to scare me when they've been around and for the most part, they've been kind enough to listen, LOL! Also, when my mother was a teenager, she heard if you put a oujia board over a fresh grave, you could talk to the person about their life and how they died, etc. Her and her friends went to test the theory and lost their board because when they set it down on a grave, the pointer started spinning really fast while no one was touching it. They all ran away. I personally think oujia boards are dangerous, because it's a door. My friend Tina used one to talk to a guy who started nice and became more and more aggressive. After she told him she didn't want to be friends, he told her he was going to kill her on the toilet and she wouldn't go to the bathroom alone for a month! My friend Megan supposedly talked to Marilyn Monroe, who said she was in hell for killing herself. Megan asked what it was like in hell and Marilyn said 'Hell's a piece of shit,' and then wouldn't talk to Megan anymore.

Shadow people scare the shit out of me. My friend said they were playing with me, but they were mean and made my cry. If you've experianced them, I'm sorry. No one I've known has ever had a good time with the shadow people. I don't know if they're ghosts/demons/what but I'm terrified of them.

Whew, sorry that was so long!
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