Genevieve (gin_shampoo) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, for all of you that have gotten your wisdom teeth removed, how long were you hacking up bloody loogies?

Mine, as most of you know, were removed yesterday morning, and I'm in shock how much blood is in my nasal cavities.

Also, why is so much blood in my nasal cavities when the surgery was in my mouth?

Edit: Yes, I know that your mouth and nasal cavities are attached. What confuses me is that the bleeding in my mouth stopped last night, and the blood in my nasal cavities is still going strong. Though when I blow my nose, I get nothing.

Edit: So after a couple comments I realized it wasn't to normal of a thing and gave the surgeon a ring. My hunch was right, while the upper molars were removed there was most likely a small hole made into my nasal cavity. Should be healed up shortly. I thought if that was the cuase that there would be some pain in my nose. Guess not.
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