biomimetical (biomimetical) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, so on merchant's copies of bills (for restaurants), there's a line for the cost of dinner, another line for the amount of tip you want to add, and another line for the total. If I get a bill of $19.13, for example, I just multiply tip in my head, round it up a bill or two and write the total (ex. $24) on the line for total, leaving the tip line blank.

However, upon checking my bank account, the restaurant has only taken out the cost of dinner ($19.13). If I don't write a line in the tip amount, do they not count it?

I know some places do take note that the total is more than the original bill and that I don't do the subtraction for the tip amount, but...shoot, how many ppl have not been tipped because of this??

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