Más o Menos (peradouro) wrote in thequestionclub,
Más o Menos

A = How much does it bother you to eat the same kind of meal several times in a row?
Today I'm going to have a ham sandwich with egg for every meal. To drink I had water with breakfast and  plan to have Canada Dry-Green Tea with lunch and then hot tea with supper. With lunch I'm having cauliflower too. Sometimes I'll make a pumpkin pie and eat that all day. I figure it has vegetable, protein and starch = balanced enough for me.

B = What is something you end up eating every week? Does it change much with the weather or season?
Rice, noodles, soup, bread, chicken no matter the weather/season.

C = Do you like art that stems from "childish" play or that is simply playful rather than deep or meaningful? I really like the butt paintings (http://www.buttprintart.com/) and mud balls (http://www.dorodango.com/)


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