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I am looking for a program to install on my computer.

Basically, I want to input a daily schedule and have it keep track of time for me. Like if I'm supposed to be cleaning from 2-4 PM, then I'm supposed to be cooking from 4-6 PM, I want my computer to pop up and tell me it's time to switch tasks (and what the task is). I don't want an alarm-clock type thing that just beeps arbitrarily at me at some designated time.

I've looked online, and all the programs I've found have been complicated and bulky, trying to encompass business or finances. I just want a daily planner. A to-do list that yells at me from time to time.

Does a program like this even exist (for free)? I'm trying to establish a better daily routine, and bad habits are hard to break.

Also, who else has a cold right now? Seems like everybody I know is sick. :\

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