Bumblebee Zero (onnawufei) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Okay two more questions then no more from me for a little while promise!

1.) Is anyone else having trouble logging into anything MSN related or is it just my work computer? I can't log into hotmail or the music section. *pout* And I want to download music darnit!

2.) If you're an X-Men fan, do you call them by their real names or codenames?

2. It varies. I am more likely to say Scott and Alex Summers than Cyclops and Havok. However I'm a big Gambit fan (my cat is even named Gambit) but I very rarely call him Remy. Meanwhile I use Nightcrawler and Kurt almost equally and he's my second favorite member. (But my third favorite, Beast I rarely call Hank, though I do use it more than I use Remy. And that's it... three favorites that's it.)
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