Bumblebee Zero (onnawufei) wrote in thequestionclub,
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You're about to find out more about me than you care to know. XD Okay it's mild TMI but I will cut the question.

Why does my pee smell funny? Monday morning I didn't notice anything unusual but since then I swear the smell has reminded me of when I drink too much coffee. At first I thought it was because I've recently started drinking Slimfast, but now even in the afternoon when I haven't had a shake for hours it smells this way. And no, I don't go around smelling my own urine but it's a rather strong smell.

I don't have any symptoms of a UTI and really the only thing I've changed is the Slimfast and the fact that I'm trying to eat better. I'm even drinking more water! O_O I'm confused!
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