For us who are as sad as our love was beautiful. (yumekanau) wrote in thequestionclub,
For us who are as sad as our love was beautiful.

1) When you go to a family restaurant (or simply non-fast food restaurant), is your intention primarily to socialize with the person or people accompanying you, to indulge in the food, to enjoy the "atmosphere," something else, or a basically combination of things? Or does it depend on the event?

I realized that whenever my family and I go to a restaurant, we spend maybe 45 min - 1 hour talking and enjoying ourselves (or as long as the service requires us to wait), but spend maybe 10 - 15 mins actually eating until we decide to up and go. I don't think we've ever spent more time eating than we have chatting. I'm sure its like this for most people, but I know there are some who spend hour after hour eating.

2) For those of you who had a 4-day weekend, how was your first day back to class / work?

Mine was relatively enjoyable. The usual, I guess.

3) Do you think this is a nice laptop? If I were to get one, which color should I choose? I'm thinking red but the white and black are pretty neat too.

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