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A question in story form ;)

While swimsuit shopping yesterday, I bought two tankinis. One was $92, both pieces included, and the other was pieces sold separately, the top for $65 and the bottoms for $45. When the saleslady rang it up I told her, "Wow, that's less than I thought it would be when I did the math in my head!"-- it only came out to about $165. As I leave the store, and I mean I'm not even at my car yet, I check the receipt and discover she didn't ring up the bottoms on the second suit, as she must have assumed both pieces came in a set like the first suit did. Oops.

In my position, what would you have done? Would you shrug it off as "Well, her mistake, I even told her it didn't come out to the right price, and these suits are way overpriced anyway!!" or would you get an attack of the conscience and go back to the counter and pay up the $45?

Haha bonus question, which do you think *I* did?

*Edited for answer!!*
What I did, don't peek if you still want to guess!Collapse )
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