ladybug4789 (ladybug4789) wrote in thequestionclub,

Five questions

Sorry about the dirty skirt freakout post earlier...I was in an awful mood. I deleted it (obviously).

1. What would you say the most active LJ community is? A combination of frequent posts and lots of comments.

2. Does Gatorade actually hydrate you more than water? Does Gatorade Endurane hydrate you more than Gatorade?  I think it does, but mostly because I drink a lot more than I would drink of water.

3. Skin-colored ("nude") bras and thongs: sexy or unsexy or somewhere in between?

4. Am I the only absentminded woman here who has the horrible habit of forgetting her purse somewhere for a few minutes? That's how my first iPod was stolen : (

5. Is anyone else very anal about having clean clothes? I know there are several people on this community who are the complete opposite, I'm wondering if anyone's very particular like me.
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