rebecadeguajira (rebecadeguajira) wrote in thequestionclub,

the skins- teel deer probably

i have a skin problem. on my stomach, i have really bad stretch marks, and i have not gained much weight at all. 10lbs max over the past year.Also, on my upper arms, i have that condition where you have red bumps all over, caused by extremely dry skin. i forgot what it is called, keratosis something. anyways, the two problems i have lead me to believe that i have a dry skin problem, and doctors tell me to moisturize, but even my upper arms that are supposedly lacking moisture, and the area of my stretch marks are extremely soft. i also drink mostly water which is what they tell you to do to keep your skin in good condition, and i take biotin supplements.

is it possible to have really really dry skin and have it feel extremely soft, and have really dehydrated skin at the same time?

edit-what is your favorite and most effective lotion?
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