Meganity (halfpastfish) wrote in thequestionclub,

sup amurikkkans

I'm in the market for new frames for my glasses. I normally get them from my eyedoctor but their selection really sucks. The only reason I got the awesome frames that I did was because the sales rep for the designer happened to be in the store that day, and had brought samples of them with him.
Anyway, the woman at my eye doctors said if I can bring her in the information on the frames, she might be able to custom purchase for me to make sure they fit. Or something. So I wanted to know where you would shop for frames like that.
I also am interested in maybe purchasing glasses online instead, but I don't if that would be cheaper or if it is even worth it.

idk how to make this bullet points for easy reading though, sry. My eyes are all dilated and my head is all disjointed :C
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