ginger carpet ride (celtic_thistle) wrote in thequestionclub,
ginger carpet ride


Long story short, I live in the suburbs of Denver with two roommates in an overpriced apartment.

My boyfriend lives downtown, I work downtown, and I go to school full time just outside of downtown. I am never home at the suburban apartment; I spend weekends with my bf, and I work and go to school the rest of the time. I sleep at "my" apartment maybe three or four times a week. I already sort of live part-time with my bf. We have found a really nice new place in the heart of Capitol Hill, which would be an ideal place for me to live. The landlord is one of my professors. I can no longer afford the suburb apartment, as my schedule will prohibit me from working as much as I need to, and my bf wants me to move in to the new place with him, preferably on January 1. (He's getting a promotion at work that includes salary, and can pay the whole rent easily, but I am insisting on paying some of it as I don't want to be a leech. However, I will be able to work a little less and focus mostly on school.) The lease at the suburban apartment is up in March. I don't know how to go about moving. Do I give my roommates the rent that's due Jan 1 and help them find someone to replace me in the meantime? I don't want to be a twat, as one of my roommates is a good friend of mine. I AM planning on telling them tonight, by the way. Is 30 days enough? Have you had any experiences like this, TQC?

Also, any tips on telling ~conservative~ but pretty understanding parents that I'm going to be ~living in sin~ here in a bit?
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