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Just this morning I got my wisdom teeth all removed. They were extremely diagonal and pushing against the roots of my 12th year molars. Even though they hadn't even started to bother me, my dentist told me it should be done soon. So as you can already guess I'm sure, it was a more or lesss extreme surgery for my wisdom teeth. My question is, for anyone who may have gone through this, how long did your lower half of your face stay numb? Imagen a line going from the top of my ear, to the the crease of my mouth, on the the other crease, and back up to the top of my other ear. Everything below that line could be burned, speared, torn off, and I wouldn't feel a thing. How long can I expect this? Any more tips are more than welcome. Oh, and I've been in recovery for a total of about 8-10 hours if that helps.
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