I never know what to put here (sentimentation) wrote in thequestionclub,
I never know what to put here

I need TQC to make decisions for me.

Should I take a shower?

--I'll smell better
--Showering before bed is unusual for me and ~*spices things up*~ in my life
--There's a chance that, if I do my hair properly tonight, I won't have to take a shower tomorrow and can sleep in

--It's 1:26am, and I have to be up at 10:20 or so
--I have to walk ALL THE WAY to the dorm bathroom, shower, then walk ALL THE WAY BACK to my room
--Why bother, since I'm just going to go to bed?

EDIT: I took a risk and showered. WHO KNOWS HOW MY HAIR WILL TURN OUT TOMORROW? We shall see.

As an alternative or in addition to that question, I have another.
How long do you (personally) wait between eating and going to bed?
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