longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Three things on my mind right now...
Due to a misunderstanding, I'm now supposed to get a $2 sale item a 15 minute drive away. Except I don't have a car at this exact moment, and tomorrow and Wednesday I'm busy, and she needs it by Thursday. She could have had it when I first brought it in to her, but she changed her mind.
What do I do? It's not even worth the petrol.

http://www.requestfunds.com/ This site. Do you think it'll kick off? (and yes I put up the thing about my friend, shuddup, I'm curious about the website.) I'm not sure, because I think most people would join it to get donations, and then not donate to other causes. Unless they're like 'woo, it's Christmas, donatin' time!'

3. I want to improve my Christmas. There's only me, my brother, my parents and my grandfather, and frankly, it's boring and unfulfilling. There's only so many hours I can sit at the dinner table and talk with people I see every day and my grandfather. Any ideas? How about things to get me excited about Christmas again?
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