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I can be sitting there having a conversation with my mom and then realize she hasnt heard a single word I've said. For example earlier I asked if she wanted to hear a joke. She said yes. Then after telling the joke I realized she hadnt heard a word I said and instead went back to chatting online. I get mad at her because she does this to me at least once a day. It makes me feel stupid because what I'm saying must not be as important. I pointed that out to her but every time she makes me feel bad like I have no right to be mad at her because it hurts her feelings and makes her feel guilty because she cant be perfect. But if I dont say anything I continue to feel unimportant. What most hurts is when I ask her o stop and listen for a moment and so she does but five seconds later shes turned back to the computer. I dont know what to do any more. Am i supposed to just wank away and ignore the problem? Am I supposed to say something? I've told her how it makes me feel. Several times. But every time she goes on about her feelings. Then she gets mad at me because she isnt perfect. And then she says she cant answer me right away all the time but the thing is I always give her several mins to give me an answer to quiestions I ask before I realize she hasnt even heard my quiestion or if she did, she didnt care to take some time to answer it. Or... Her computer friends will be there later but my quiestion can be answered in a few seconds without much thought or time. Why should I have to wait five mins to have her tell me weather or not I can do something? Or where one of my siblings are? It takes five seconds to say yes or no. Is that really all that hard?
Should I be mad?
Would you be mad?
Do you have the same problem with someone else you know?
Are you the problem for someone else?
How do I go about fixing this?
Thanks much

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