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Completely Random

1. You have a driver's license, but no car, hence no car insurance (because it's expensive, so what's the point if you're not driving?). If you go to rent a car, is insurance for that time you're renting it included in the rental? Whether or not it is part of the advertised price, that doesn't matter, just car insurance available from the rental company for the duration of your rental.

2. A scenario that came to mind when I saw a hitchhiker by the side of the road today. Scenario: Two girls are hitchhiking. They figure they'll be safe, since there's two of them and whatnot. They're picked up by a bunch of guys, who are initially cool and safe-seeming, until they get to a rural area, where the guys start to become forceful and wanting to force the girls into things they're not comfortable with, and physically attack them for such means. The girls manage to escape their clutches, kicking them in the balls or whatever, and take off in the guys' car. They drive immediately to the nearest police station to turn in the car and tell them what happened, and what the guys were trying. Would the girls be charged with anything, or would the extenuating circumstances eliminate any charges of auto theft?
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