angela (crappyapril) wrote in thequestionclub,

My boyfriend's b-day is coming up and I want to make it REALLY special and there happens to be a really nice gift that I want to get for him. It's expensive but I've been saving up for it purposely for him. He's told me a million times DO NOT spend a lot of money for his birthday. I'm spending about 300 bucks on his b-day and although I'm confident this will be the best birthday he's ever had, I'm afraid of upsetting him by spending so much money. He knows I'm in debt and usually always broke, but It's not like I'm putting any bills in jeopardy but saving up for this for him. I just want him to enjoy his birthday and present and not worry about how much money I spent on him or feel like he's got to get me something that huge for MY birthday or xmas or whatever. Any advice for when he starts fretting on his birthday?
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