Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

When I lived in Hawaii, we would get mosquito bites, and we had stuff to put on them. I believe it was called Cornhuskers lotion, and was about the consistency of warm honey. I'm pretty sure it was *not* meant for mosquito bites, but it kicked Skeeter Stik's ass. Does anyone else know this? does it still exist?
Edit: Good. I'm glad I'm not crazy. and I'm glad it does exist.

In the checkout stand the other day was Cosmogirl. Their "real life drama" story this month had the tagline "I never thought I'd see my family again" or something like that, and then underneath something like "A trip to the DMV gone very wrong."
I'm curious about this, curious enough that I already checked the website and didn't find it... not curious enough to buy it. curious enough to ask here. What the hell did the DMV fuck up there?
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