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this has been bugging me, so i am venting/again xposted to my lj

In January my friend's fiance came home and brought a friend home. She was a work friend, and she was drunk, and so he brought her home with him so that she wouldn't be going home alone.

As my friend was sleeping in bed with her fiance, the friend came into their bedroom in the middle of the night, crawled over my friend, crawled over her fiance, and then laid down on the other side of her fiance and put her arm around him.

My friend got up, woke the girl up, and said for her to leave the room and sleep on the couch.

I personally would have knocked her AND him out.
During this he pretended (or maybe not) to sleep, and claims he does not remember any of it.


She dis-invited the girl to their wedding. He didn't understand why she would, because they are friends. Apparently he's a fucking tool.

So she didn't come to the wedding. To this day, her now husband hangs out with the girl. They USED to work together, she got fired.

So now, my friend who has been trying to get her idiot husband to understand why it's inappropriate that he hangs out with the girl is all upset. At one point he lied to her and invited his wife out with everyone where the girl and the girl's live-in boyfriend showed up, and they TOLD HER OFF FOR BEING A BITCH. The girl and the boyfriend, and her husband DIDN'T DEFEND HER, he sat there like a fucking log.

Lately on his days off he calls the girl and they spend the entire day together (once a week or so). By entire day I mean till 11 pm, all day together.

This makes my friend upset, he however does not care, or so it seems to me.

I've questioned her on whether she thinks he is cheating on her, she said she didn't think so.

I have a different opinion.

My friend has NEVER dated anyone else. She has been with this idiot since she was 16 and just married him. She has never kissed, slept with, done anything romantic, or sexual or anything of the sort, with another man or woman.

What do you think?
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