k (agentrayevyn) wrote in thequestionclub,

networking musicians!

I thought of another one and you guys are great advice-givers, so here goes.

I live in a smallish town, no big attractions other than a skating rink and a Walmart (teenagers consider it somewhere to go if that puts things into perspective) and virtually no music scene for people my age (late teens/early 20s). The only music scene seems to be cover bands made up of older people. I work at a music store teaching piano and the guys there teach bass, guitar, and drums and are involved in church music or local jazz/blues/country gigs that never pop up on the radar. Of course, I could be overlooking things, which is why I'm asking you guys this...

I'm out of school for the summer (just finished first year of college) and don't have anything to do with myself other than work out, read, and piddle around at home. I want to meet up with some other local musicians, but I don't know how. So far I've thought of posting flyers at school during summer session (I'm a commuter), but other than that I'm at a loss. So, for all of you musicians out there, how do you go about finding people to jam with?
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