Lynette (lynbug) wrote in thequestionclub,

Guitars and Cadillacs, hillbilly muuuusic

So after seeing Blue Rodeo in concert last night and spending most of the time focussing on the guitars, I spent all day thinking about how much I miss being involved in music, specifically playing music. I've been thinking for the last few years about getting back into guitar, it seems the most logical and easiest to pick up from the instruments I learned in high school. (I played alto+tenor sax mainly in high school).

Is it easy enough to get back into music after about 5-6 years off? :P I can still read music, I remember the basic blues progression (1, 4, 57), and I never really learned tab in the first place.

Any tips for getting back into it, what type of guitar I should be looking for, any DVDs/books I should invest in?

Then I need to figure out how to explain to my boyfriend why I'm getting back into guitar :P He'll probably just think I'm crazy. Meh, I missed hockey too, so I got into coaching, and this should be a cakewalk compared to dealing with 11-13 and 14-16 year old girls haha.
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