They call me 'quiet', but I'm a riot. (starsareshibby) wrote in thequestionclub,
They call me 'quiet', but I'm a riot.

I will try to make this question make sense, even though I am a bit out of sorts at the moment. I really am curious, though.

Do you ever feel or think that your teachers/professors recycle their jokes for every class they teach in a day? What I mean is, if a teacher makes a joke that ties in really well with the material being taught, or if they just make a joke in general, do you ever wonder if they've been making that same joke for every period that day, or even for every period for the past few years? I mean, they teach the same lesson each day. Maybe they tell the same jokes and make the same amusing remarks as they go through those lessons with each class.

What say you, TQC?
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