Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, my boyfriend is thinking of selling is computer, because it's gotten to the point where he has the option of "stop upgrading it" or "shell out a shitton of money to upgrade it."
He says that he's going to swap the hard drive with a new, smaller one and then if I want I can have first dibs.
I'm pretty much grown on the idea of buying it, because even though I'd have to get a new keyboard(becuase he's a boy. and his keyboard is gross.) it's cheaper than the laptop I have now... and I wanted a new computer anyway. because this computer is an evil bastard. Fucker.

Anyway. My hard drive has about 15 gigs used. If I purchased his computer, what would the fastest way be to transfer all my crap onto the shiny new harddrive in it? And, if it's "Burn to cd, upload, lather, rinse, repeat"- do you have any suggestions for ease of organisation/not going insane burning 15+ cds?
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