La vida de llorona (laudanumdream) wrote in thequestionclub,
La vida de llorona

Computer question

I need your help! I am posting from a different computer. When I try to access the internet on my Dell laptop (I have IE7), any address I type in redirects to http:/// and says, "Invalid address". When I click on the homepage, which is, the address doesn't redirect, but instead says it cannot display the webpage.

I have Norton Antivirus, but it expired on this computer because I don't use it that much. When I did use it, I went to Facebook and a virus got on my computer. In order to update my Norton Antivirus, I have to get on the internet, so it's kinda a catch 22.

The reason I need that computer is because it is my laptop. The one I"m on now is a PC, and I need to work on the laptop with internet, sometimes outside my home. Plus my laptop has Microsoft Word on it and this computer didn't come with that. 

Do you know how I can fix my problem without spending hundreds of dollars?  I tried a Google search and either I searched wrong or didn't find anything productive.

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