Dela (oceanica) wrote in thequestionclub,


Okay so here's the deal -- I keep a cat who lives strictly in my room (doesn't get on well with the dog) and as a result, her litter box is in my room as well, which occasionally results in really terrible smells, even though I do keep it clean. Now that it's winter and I have to keep my windows closed, that means that any nasty smells my cat produces, as well as just the general 'cat' odor, are locked up in my room.

I've tried burning incense to cover the smell between litter-box cleanings, but my mother's sense of smell is extremely sensitive, and the incense bothers her (I have no idea why the cat-smells don't).

Tell me, TQC, is there any incense or candle scent (preferably incense, as it's cheaper) that will cover up nasty litter-box odors without sending my mother into screaming fits?
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