Jo (inaliel) wrote in thequestionclub,

y helo thar

o hai, TQC. how is you?

What is your latest musical interest/obsession/whatever?

What's your favorite flavor/kind of yogurt?

I'm getting a "new" car tomorrow. ("new" = 2002 instead of a 1997) It's a boy car (because the gas tank is on the left), and it's midnight blue.
What should I name it? My current car (the 1997) is named Seth.

Does your car/laptop/mp3 player/etc. have a name? What is it? (feel free to answer this one as many times as it applies. :P)

ETA: 1) the "new" car will be a 2002 Hyundai Elantra (with a hatchback, lulz).

2) I made up the gas tank thing one day, out of nowhere. It's not really a written rule, but feel free to adopt it. :P

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