Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated (tempest_omouthy) wrote in thequestionclub,
Our Lady of the Perpetually Inebriated

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Soaked Car Interior?

Hahaha, when I came home from the doctor today, it was nice and sunny and hot out. Since I planned on going out later, I left the sunroof open to keep the heat from building up to tremendous GA levels. I then promptly took a nap. When I awoke, it was pouring outside. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, the car is now drenched.

Any suggestions to alleviate this situation? You know, besides to always close my sunroof? :D

PS - I have a small handheld steam machine I can use to suck some of the moisture out, IF I buy a long ass extension cord and WHEN it stops raining buckets.

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