. (heysmilepretty) wrote in thequestionclub,

Party time! Excellent!

TQC, I'm throwing us a party!

1. What is your alcoholic beverage of choice, so I know what provisions to buy?

2. What is your favorite munchy snack?

3. What kind of drunk are you?

4. How many drinks (1 shot = 5 oz of wine = 1 beer or whatever) would it take to get you in a happy place? What about totally wasted?

5. At about what time would you pass out?

6. Would you try to find a couch/unoccupied bed, or would you just conk out on the floor?

1. Wine! Give me lots of wine.

2. Cheez-Its. OM NOM NOM

3. I am a happy, chatty, kissy/affectionate drunk. :)

4. 2-3 puts me in a happy place, 4 puts me in a REALLY happy place, and anything after that is just a Bad Idea (though when I'm drunk, my reasoning isn't "if I drink more now I'll get sick," it's "if I drink more now I'll be in my happy place for even LONGER! *glug glug glug*").

5. I'd probably pass out around midnight, because I am lame.

6. I'd probably try to find an unoccupied space, and if I couldn't find one I'd probably try to stay up until one was available.

Also, what's the last thing you did out of necessity as a last resort?

I just shaved my legs using only the razor head (which I held with my hand) because I couldn't find my razor. Arrrgh.
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